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Your Right to Say No to Landlords

Living in a shared house in a buzzing students area in Cardiff, I find myself enjoying my postgraduate study in the UK and my living with my four European housemates. However, this enjoyment has been interrupted today. After a long day in the university, I expected to have a rest at home but I was … Continue reading

Fools’ Bike Tour from Bristol to Cardiff

This year’s April Fool’s Day I became a “fool” in some people’s eyes – I cycled about 100 km from Bristol to Cardiff in about half a day. In fact, it’s more like a Valentines’ Day for me. I was riding with my boyfriend and the picturesque landscape along the way was the best gift. I’ve visited … Continue reading

Bessemer Road Car Boot Sale

Bessemer Road Car Boot Sale Bessemer Road, Leckwith, Cardiff, Glamorgan, CF11 8BB (Google it, start your own exploration) With the aim to buy a cheap second-hand bike as a main transportation for my exploration of Cardiff, I got up early last Saturday and headed to Bessemer Rd Boot Sale. Holding a cycling map obtained from … Continue reading

Is this how Cardiff will welcome the Olympics?

I had a walk around the city. It wasn’t pleasant simply because of two things – the gloomy weather and the rubbishes around. We shouldn’t complain too much about the weather because this is Britain but what about  the scattered rubbishes on streets even before the well-known Millennium Stadium? I worked on a story before … Continue reading