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Do IT AND DO WELL!!! 此刻开始记录!一步一个脚印! 喜欢一句古话:”天赐食于鸟,而不投食于巢。“
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Cardiff – 1st Olympic game -women’s football

This is an article I wrote for a Chinese newspaper Southern Morning, published on Saturday, 28th July. “奥运留学生记者团”专栏   英国卡迪夫大学在读研究生 胡楠 文/图   7月25日,威尔士首府卡迪夫市成为了世界的焦点——2012伦敦奥运的第一场赛事女子足球赛事,在市中心的千年体育场拉开帷幕。这个人口不到33万的城市吸引了4万来自世界各地的球迷。   球场周围随处可见警察巡逻,还有在卡迪夫市区不常见的骑警,俨然成为一道风景线,不时有游客给他们拍照。不过他们马上就有“正经”工作了。在一个小巷内有两名流浪汉,一个躺在地上呼呼大睡,一个倚在墙上。两名骑警和还清醒的流浪汉交涉了很久,叫来了更多警察,终于说服他们离开。不远处在卡迪夫古老的市政厅前,两名清洁人员也正忙着打理和清扫花圃,努力为这次的奥运打造一个干净整洁的环境。   在这场比赛中,英国女足不负众望以1∶0战胜新西兰队,给作为东道主的英国人争光不少。整个城市都沸腾起来,在南非世界杯“成名”的呜呜祖拉助威的声音随处可闻,街边的咖啡座上甚至有人高声骄傲地唱起了英国国歌《天佑女王》。   据了解,卡迪夫当地政府为这次的奥运做了许多赛前准备工作。卡迪夫中央火车站站台旁的水塔有着80多年的历史,此前一直破损不堪,为了迎接奥运,卡迪夫市政厅从去年就开始讨论如何修复它,在当地还引起了一番争论。如今水塔被漆刷成乳白和咖啡两色,是1932年修建它的一家铁路公司的标志颜色。市政厅期待这个水塔能像千年球场一样成为一个迎来送往各国游客的标志性建筑。   市政厅前的巨型奥运五环也是为了迎接奥运才建立起来的。这个五环花了30万英镑,这对在经济危机下“节衣缩食”的英国人来说可算是大手笔了。   当天在卡迪夫市区还有很多模拟各类奥运项目的活动,当地人都跃跃欲试,也吸引了不少的观众。卡迪夫的老老少少现在已经热情高涨,不亦乐乎地享受奥运时间了。而在本届奥运会期间,将有11场赛事在这里的千年球场举行,看来卡迪夫这个夏天要热闹了。 Advertisements

Your Right to Say No to Landlords

Living in a shared house in a buzzing students area in Cardiff, I find myself enjoying my postgraduate study in the UK and my living with my four European housemates. However, this enjoyment has been interrupted today. After a long day in the university, I expected to have a rest at home but I was … Continue reading

Fools’ Bike Tour from Bristol to Cardiff

This year’s April Fool’s Day I became a “fool” in some people’s eyes – I cycled about 100 km from Bristol to Cardiff in about half a day. In fact, it’s more like a Valentines’ Day for me. I was riding with my boyfriend and the picturesque landscape along the way was the best gift. I’ve visited … Continue reading

Bessemer Road Car Boot Sale

Bessemer Road Car Boot Sale Bessemer Road, Leckwith, Cardiff, Glamorgan, CF11 8BB (Google it, start your own exploration) With the aim to buy a cheap second-hand bike as a main transportation for my exploration of Cardiff, I got up early last Saturday and headed to Bessemer Rd Boot Sale. Holding a cycling map obtained from … Continue reading

Is this how Cardiff will welcome the Olympics?

I had a walk around the city. It wasn’t pleasant simply because of two things – the gloomy weather and the rubbishes around. We shouldn’t complain too much about the weather because this is Britain but what about  the scattered rubbishes on streets even before the well-known Millennium Stadium? I worked on a story before … Continue reading


Instead of joining the crowds in London for the new year I went to Southampton to join my friends. We had a bike tour along the seaside. I stopped at a point to take a picture of myself against the sun – something we always enjoy. I noticed a man with a professional Nikon camera … Continue reading

“Doing it Differently : Wales, Mbale (Uganda) and Climate Change”

From the title, some may wonder: Does Wales have anything to do with Uganda, a country far away at the equator? It must be about the disastrous climate changes situation in Uganda. That’s what I had thought about before I went to the lecture given by Prof. Hilary Thomas from Glamorgan University. When talking about climate … Continue reading

Contemplating on the Yueyue’s Accident

The news that the two-year old Chinese girl Yueyue died after a hit-and-run accident shocked me but more unbelievable was the indifference of the 18 passersby. Ironically,  it’s also not difficult for most of us (Chinese) to understand that the passersby were not to blame as they’re good people in the end but are constrained … Continue reading

A Lesson on TESTimony

In the first lecture, we learned a lesson on the ‘false or erroneous testimony’ issues hence the importance and responsibility for journalists on testing the testimony they receive and publish. Examples like the UK MMR (Measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine, the invasion of Iraq because of its weapons of mass destruction, and the USA credit … Continue reading

Reflection on the election hustings recording at Glyndwr

A hustings discussion was held in the TV studio at the newly built Creative Industries Center at Glyndwr University on 3rd May, two days before the Welsh Assembly’s election. The discussion among the declared constituency candidates from the four main political parties has become the first TV programme recorded in the studio. I went there as part … Continue reading