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Bessemer Road Car Boot Sale

Bessemer Road Car Boot Sale
Bessemer Road, Leckwith, Cardiff, Glamorgan, CF11 8BB

(Google it, start your own exploration)

With the aim to buy a cheap second-hand bike as a main transportation for my exploration of Cardiff, I got up early last Saturday and headed to Bessemer Rd Boot Sale. Holding a cycling map obtained from the Tourist Information centre, I started the exploration on foot. Luckily, it was a precious sunny day in the winter.

Reading a map is a kind of ability. I am not a smart person as I don’t have a smart phone. Thanks to the driving journey on the continent last summer, I get used to finding my way by looking at a tangible map. Whatever, it was not difficult to find the site.

It’s a relatively small scale sale with some vendors selling under roof and some under the sun. I wasn’t confident that I could find a decent bike there but after twenty minutes a silver one came into my eyes. It looked comparatively new with wings to protect from mud or water. The chains were not rusted. The right gear was broken. It’s a perfect one. It was a repairing stand not a selling point. I asked and I was referred to the owner who in fact came to repair the right gear so to advertise in newspapers to sell it. It seemed that I saved him a lot of work. Deal done. 20 pounds for a repaired good-condition bike. I was so excited for sure as it means my journey around Cardiff will become much more fun and easier. It was pity that I didn’t find a cheap and good lock there. I may find one on eBay.

I didn’t know that the vegetables and fruits there were so cheap, so I bought large bags of them as I could hang them in the bike rather than carrying far away back home.

On the way home I decided to have a closer look at the graffiti wall in the Sevenoaks park. It was worth it as they are not scribbles but nice graffiti. Some locals were leisurely walking accompanied by their dogs.

Fresh morning air, bright and warm sunshine, clear and blue sky, green grass, small winding path and smiling faces, all is beauty.



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