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Is this how Cardiff will welcome the Olympics?

I had a walk around the city. It wasn’t pleasant simply because of two things – the gloomy weather and the rubbishes around. We shouldn’t complain too much about the weather because this is Britain but what about  the scattered rubbishes on streets even before the well-known Millennium Stadium?

I worked on a story before about the repaint of the Grade-II-listed water tower, which stands opposite to the stadium. The planners said the refurbishment was to prepare for the 2012 Olympics as the Millennium Stadium will host the very first event of the Olympics Women’s football match on July 25 and men’s bronze medal match. The proposed to paint it brown and beige which caused many locals’ disagreement. They prefer the original daffodils painted in the 1980s rather than the ‘dull’ colours. No matter how it will look like, the idea to think about leaving a good image of Cardiff for visitors is good.

Big projects always attract more attention while rubbishes can be ignored as trivial. Will the visitors have a good impression of the city if they take a picture of the tower or the stadium and find themselves accompanied by two bags of rubbish? No matter how glittering they plan to paint the city, the idea to neglect the environment, the ‘small’ things will only cast a shadow on all.


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