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Instead of joining the crowds in London for the new year I went to Southampton to join my friends. We had a bike tour along the seaside. I stopped at a point to take a picture of myself against the sun – something we always enjoy. I noticed a man with a professional Nikon camera was pressing the shutter in front of me. I was altered as I didn’t want my pic to be published without my permission. I approached to him and he showed me the pics of me, which turned out to be very nice silhouettes. The pics from my own simple Samsung were also nice with the sun effect. I love the pictures but even more of his idea to capture the moments when people are taking picture for others. That’s the natural beauty.




About Reporting from the UK

Do IT AND DO WELL!!! 此刻开始记录!一步一个脚印! 喜欢一句古话:”天赐食于鸟,而不投食于巢。“


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