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GTV!!! Glyndwr TV!!!Integrate, Inform, Illuminate, Inspire.

A promotional video acted and made all by ourselves. I made the five T-shirts with fabric paint and stencils.

GTV, Integrate, Inform, Illuminate, Inspire.

The original idea  was: The four strands of gtv ride bikes on the campus in a line with gtv in the front to attract people’s attention. Due to the weather and other concerns we changed to the idea showed in the video:  the four strands are looking for something at first, later it turns out to be looking for gTV, and then have found gTV in the library, a place we share ideas and knowledge. Finally gTV as the leader, and the four strands get together at Nick Whitehead Theatre, aiming to lead the audience to the theatre.

gTV, Glyndwr TV is on the way. We had a public presentation on Monday, 22nd Nov at 5pm to the University’s Nick Whitehead Theatre.

I was responsible for the flagship strand ‘Integrate’ and gave my presentation about it. Generally, I showed the public what ‘Integrate’ is about and what kind of programme or ideas I would like to commission to show the essence of the strand, which is to Break barriers, embrace diversity and Mingle with the wider Wrexham community. Also by pointing out the importance of impartiality of the strand, I suggested them to consider the BBC Guidelines on it.

We also appealed to the public to ‘donate’ their skills as we had a lack of lots of skills especially some technical skill, and gTV will benefit the whole community not just students at Glyndwr University.

Our deadline for the submission of ideas or programmes is 5 pm on Monday, 29 November, 2010. The second stage for those whose proposals are selected will be in late Jan, 2011.

Really excited that many people turned up that day and  luckily some people approached to us to offer us a small amount of money as fund after the presentation.

Waiting for ideas from the public…


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