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ZONE Lecture – Online news 4

Wrexham entrepreneur gave lecture on ‘Opportunities in Social Media’

Thursday 30 April 2010 by Elsa

Award-winning entrepreneur Matthew Draycott gave an Enterprise lecture on ‘Opportunities in Social Media’ yesterday afternoon at Glyndŵr University’s Plas Coch Campus.

Students and people from the community of Wrexham attended the lecture. Mr. Draycott gave his audience a bigger and better picture of social media by comparing figures and landscape of social media in the UK with the United States, China and other parts of the world. The purpose of the lecture was to examine the impact that social media is having on our lives, to look at some business opportunities in it and also to see how students and people who want to start their businesses can get involved in that conversation.

At the end of the lecture, people were encouraged to raise questions related to social media. An Indian student studying MBA at the university showed his concern and interest about online shopping business and advertising via social media.

“A lot of people including those involved in social media don’t understand everything going in it or the opportunities it can give to them to change something or to get something new started,” Mr Draycott said, “Hopefully the lecture will broaden their understanding of those issues.”

One of the participants said that the lecture was very informative and she was shocked by the statistics shown in the lecture and happy to know more about it in the future.

Mr. Draycott is an entrepreneur, lecturer and creative activist with a passion for business and education. He is also the Enterprise Associate of Glyndŵr University and responsible for embedding enterprise education into the centre of the university, building a creative campus centred on a community of academics developing enterprising and entrepreneurial activities in their subjects, and using this work to generate research which will inform practitioners both in and outside the university.

The lecture was one of the ZONE Enterprise Lectures series open to all University of Glyndŵr staff, students and alumni, members of other universities and the local business community. The series is particularly relevant for those exploring entrepreneurial opportunities and looking to build networks. It is also a chance for the business community to mix with the next generation of talent. 



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