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Wrexham students attended Upside Down enterprise conference in Rhyl

Saturday 20 March 2010 by Elsa

Over 130 students from across North and Mid Wales attended the two-day Upside Down student conference in Rhyl on March 18 and 19.

The annual conference is the largest student enterprise conference in Wales, held by students and for students. This year the conference was held in Robin Hood Lyons Holiday Park in Rhyl and organised by twenty two students from seven Welsh colleges, including Glyndŵr University and Yale College.

Students took part in a series of competitions including one in a Dragons Den style, and workshops aimed at encouraging creativity and promoting self-employment and entrepreneurial skills for young people.

Team ‘Bemus’ won the first prize of the Dragons Den competition. Their idea was to start a business of social enterprise to promote Rhyl and other tourism area as well as the importance of nature.

Akhil James, a MBA student from the Bemus team said: “The Upside Down programme was very good. I got lots of good information about business and the experience will be very helpful for my future.”

Students also experienced the Red Carpet Glitz & Glamour Evening party, which aimed at enhancing the students’ self-confidence and aspirational motivation.

Qun Xiao, a Chinese media student from Glyndŵr University, said: “Upside Down has built a great platform for us to show our elegant traditional dresses Qi Pao. I felt like a Hollywood superstar when several cameras kept taking photos of me as I walked on the red carpet in a light green Qi Pao.”

Speakers and judges from different business areas were invited, including Terry Morris, the renowned Welsh photographer; the Welsh born falconer John Islwyn Jones; Mark Kendrick Frozen from the Frozen Moon Film Company and magician Maria Garwell.

Matthew Draycott, a specialist in youth entrepreneurial education, had reviewed all the events in Upside Down. He said: “The thing makes Upside Down unique is it’s the only students led enterprise conference.

“Students chose the guests they wanted. There is a broad range of enterprises experiences out there. It’s not just about starting your own business. It’s about challenging yourself and doing something very unique.”

ZONE, Glyndŵr University’s centre for extra-curricular enterprise and entrepreneurship activities supported the event. It already started recruiting student organisers for next year’s Upside Down event.

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