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ZONE Network Breakfast – online news 3

Wrexham Glyndŵr students enjoy Free ZONE Network Breakfast

Thursday 29 April 2010 by Elsa

A group of students from different disciplines of Glyndŵr University developed their business networks by attending the ZONE Network Breakfast in 1887 restaurant this morning.

Students majoring in media, business, design and graduates of the university had their free breakfast at 9 o’clock this morning in Restaurant 1887 on the campus with guests with entrepreneurial experience, including Judith Alexander, the ZONE manager, and Matthew Draycott, an entrepreneur and lecturer of the university and other. ZONE is Glyndŵr University’s centre for extra-curricular enterprise and entrepreneurship activities,

Students were encouraged to talk in a very informal, relaxed and friendly way about their interests, ambitions and ideas to link themselves with each other to learn how to build their business networks and make them work.

Judith said that it’s not traditional business networking, which could be scary for students. “We don’t ask people to come with business cards, suits or to shake hands, to sell each other. It’s more about having discussions and sharing information and motivation.”

Timm Harris, a graduate of the university, has attended the monthly event several times. He said: “I come here because I get information and network and know people with different ideas. It’s essential that you get some very personal knowledge from very professional people. It’s very informative and stimulating.”

The breakfast usually starts a bit later than traditional breakfast, at 9 a.m. and moves in different weekdays every month so it’s more accessible for those who may have lectures to run. Students meet different people from different business backgrounds each month and talk to them about their experience, difficulties and what the good things are, so guests invited by the ZONE can give them advices, which they cannot get through their classrooms or their social group at the university.

“The ZONE is about helping students realise that they do have entrepreneurial potential,” the manager Judith added. “We are there to help students take control of their own desires, ambitions in an entrepreneurial sense and support them through it because we do believe that students have loads of entrepreneurial potentials.”


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