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Project for Llangollen Eisteddfod 1

Classes after Xmas finally started yesterday. I say ‘finally’ because it’s supposed to be on 11th January. Due to the adverse weather, it was postponed for a week. No special feelings for it, actually.

The first lecture was about the video project we’ve focused since last year for the Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod. Noted that it is different from the National one. In lectures before Xmas, we’ve already got a rough plan and the whole class was divided into three groups to focus on three different themes, i.e. the general, Chinese market, volunteer. I’m doing the one for volunteers. Our job is to make a DVD to highlight the diligent volunteer group in the eisteddfod and to attract more young groups to join in.

The strapline/tagline of the DVD is “From Nothing to Everything”. We come up with this idea because the whole festival, from decoration of the stage to picking up trashes, is mainly supported by the volunteers. Without volunteers, it just could not succeed, it’s nothing. The requirements for the strapline are: No sales message, Remembered, Simplicity, Comprehension, Avoid long sentence.

Proceeding to the storyboard, we planned the beginning, middle and the ending. In the beginning, we started the video by giving an overlook of the scenery of Llangollen with a piece of traditional and well-know song as background music. The second scene will be a fast slideshow of pictures related to the volunteers. The last scene in the beginning also the transition to the middle will be a clip, fastly showing how the final fantastic stage with beautiful flowers were created from an empty one by the volunteers, which then is the third meaning we want to show to viewers – from nothing to everything.

In the middle, we will use footages of various jobs done by the volunteers as the first scene, like reparing the ceiling of the pavilion, leading audience to seats, moving thousands of chairs before and after the eisteddfod, design the official website, etc. The second scene comes to the unique and moving stories spoken by real volunteers, including GathinDavies OBE, the former president of the eisteddfod. He was a volunteer there when he had been very young and then made it as his career. The third scene will be clips of life of volunteers after working. It could be visiting local families or bars, or enjoying the scenery there, etc.In this case, we use the stories as an appealing to attract more people to join them and let them know that being a volunteer here is not just about giving freely, but also a brilliant creer, just like the president, also the experience and friendship you gain. The last scene in this part will be either competitors’ or audience’s comments on the volunteers.

The ending has three scenes, i.e. clips of most volunteers saying goodbye as the eisteddfod finished; showing of the masterpiece, nicely decorated stage, created by volunteers; landscape of Llangollen with the same song as echoing the beginning.

We’ve been there once. The scenery there is really beautiful. I believe it definitely should be an attraction for international visitors like me. As I saw the empty and old pavilion, I just couldn’t belive that the marvellous stage shown in pictures was like that. So you can see how much hard work had the volunteers done to make such a successful festival.


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