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Glyndwr Beer Design

On 18th November, 2009, I participated an ale design activity as a part of the Global Enterprise Week, organised by ZONE,  a creative work area in the university dedicated for students. It has lots of competitions, workshops, projects, etc to help students gain essential entrepreneurial skills and turn their ideas into reality.

That brainstorming experience was unforgettable and I learned a lot from it, such as Teamwork, dealing with Deadline, how to see and combine ideas, etc. As I’m studying the media business, I found the audience is not just the priority of programme-making, but of everything. What you design or create must be based on your audience or consumer in this case. Good research and understanding of your audience or consumers beforehand is essential.

We were told to corporate with people from different fields to design an ale inspired by Owen Glyndwr, a hero of Wales, after which the university was named. It means that the beer should promote the uni. We needed to consider the logo, label, bottle, flavour, color. It’s  mainly for students group, so it had to be funcky, young and attractive. My group had five people, three majoring in graphic design, two majoring in media.

One of us came up with the name “Saviour” and it become the name of our beer because it could mean Owen Glyndwr as a saviour also like a twister-“Saviour, save your beer”.

We started by drawing our mind-map.

Original ideas of label, lids, font, etc. At last we reached an agreement to emboss “Saviour” on a black bottle with white label of glyndwr identity surrounding the body. The embossment style looks nice and stylish as well as the colourful label. Black is a cool color and dark enough for beer storage.

Then we thought about creating a collection of  lids with different color and the symbol “g”, which was nice and may be worth collecting for some.

We also thought about the backside of the bottle.

The final design.

Really thanks to the three graphic designers, their drawing is impressive and amazing!


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